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I've always wanted to make a smoker but like everything else in life, I never have the time or I'm just too cheap to by the parts to make one like I want.   Unbeknown to me, when I thought Val was goofing off on the internet, she was doing research on types of smokers.    Guess what that sweetheart did for my Birthday.   Yep!  You guessed it.  She ordered the Masterbuilt , # 20070910 - Electric Smoker for my birthday and had our son pick it up for her.   Wow!!   What a Surprise..  What a Wife!! Unlike many of the other styles, this smoker is easy and fun to operate.  The digital temp and timer controls are a plus.  It's well insulated so living in Minnesota and trying to maintain an even heat is not a problem.   I even made BBQ Ribs when it was -7 Below.  I was so impressed with this smoker, we purchased a second one for our son and his family.  If you are looking for a smoker, I highly recommend looking in to the Masterbuilt 30 or 40.    While playing with my new smoker, I spent a few weeks searching several of the sites and forums.   The best sites so far was the two that I recommend checking.   Click on the links below.   After chasing my tail for a  few weeks and finding nothing of real value, I found the best web pages, with the most information were at Smoking- Meat.com. and How to BBQ Right.com.    Jeff at Smoking-Meat.com has a very friendly site and some great ideas.  I followed the instructions in his news letter and made some remarkable ribs that were finger licking good.       For a newbie in to smoking, Jeff has some step by step instructions that is very helpful.     I suggest you purchase the instructions for his amazing Rub and BBQ sauce; in doing so you will be subscribed to his news letter,  you'll be a member to his forum and you'll never purchase another bottle of store type Rub or BBQ sauce again. The other great thing about smoking-meat.com is Jeff started a forum.  Not just any forum but a All in One type forum that covers everything from Gardens, Cold and Hot Smoking, Smokers, BBQ's. and more.  I suggest you check this out and save yourself the time of searching the internet on How to Do Smoking when you can find it all here. 
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Smoking Meat Section