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Val and Me
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Hi! My name is Val, and I moved here to Minnesota from NJ back in May of 2001.  I began collecting antique and vintage telephones in 1997.  Shortly after, I discovered eBay, and bought many old phones there. That's how I met John.  A collector as well, he was selling vintage phones on eBay, and I won a beautifully restored North Galion wall phone from him in August of 1998. We soon were sending emails back and forth, at first about the old styled phones, then about ourselves. After more than a year of emails and calling each other, we finally met in person at an Antique Telephone Collectors show in Kentucky. We started flying back and forth, and finally in May 2001 we loaded all 300+ phones (and some clothes and furniture) into a 26 ft. Ryder truck. Towing my 1990 Honda Accord behind us, we traveled the 1200 miles on Memorial Day weekend to John's farm in Milaca.  Here I finally was able to live the life I was meant for.  We had the 2 donkeys Hawthorne and Sassafras, a llama named Scooter, a ewe named Ewewho, her baby Hewho, another baby lamb we called Little Man, and Star, a black lab.  Within 2 weeks we bought a big AQHA chestnut gelding I named Nutmeg.  Now, the only horse I was ever on was powered by a quarter, so this was a totally new experience for me!  Soon we bought Casey, an APHA Tobiano gelding. Next month little Scruffie was born.  And Meadow Muffin Farms was born as well.
Val and Me.
All About Me.. Hi!  I'm John,  I'm the Me in Val and Me.   Like Val said, I used to be happy with not a care in the world.  I was selling things on ebay. Enjoying my donkeys and I soon met Val over ebay.  It wasn't long and it was just like Val said,  I sold her a few telephones.  Met her at a telephone convention in Kentucky and a little while after that she invited me out to NJ for a 'real nice meal'.    What I didn't realize is she had packed up most of her things before I got there.  She even rented a truck and trailer and had me bring her back to Minnesota.    If you read about Val you will see where she had many telephones.   This is true..  What she didn't tell you is we packed up all the phones.. All of her clothes.  All of her furniture that included a full size pool table and a pin ball machine.  She took everything except for the desk chair and garden hose..     The ride back to Minnesota was a long one.   This gave Val plenty of time to work on her 'Honey-Do-List".   Keep in mind that Val was from NJ.  She lived in a Townhouse and she had a very small lot for her flowers etc.   Here in Minnesota I had a 40a hobby farm with a modest size lawn.  After three days on the road we pulled up to the house with this over packed truck and the first thing Val said was   "How much of this can be lawn and flowers?"   Because I like the way she made my lunches for work,  for now I will say no more.
About Val and Me