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Smoking Section Page #2
  Ever try to smoke cheese?  I wanted to  try some cheese but the better half said I need to keep the heat down or the cheese would melt.    She did her research as usual and found a neat item for the smoker but like everything else in life, I didn't want another gimmick that never seems to work.   So I was going to make my own.   Wrong Answer!! Needless to say, my first test cheese didn't turn out very good so I went looking of ideas on the forum and what do I find, the same item that my wife told me about.    Grrrr!   Ever try eating Cheese with your Crow.  I did..  When you do cheese or nuts, you want a little smoke without the heat and the A- MAZE-N-SMOKER is the answer.    This little tray will give you all the smoke you need without the extra heat. The best part is, when full of sawdust or Todd's pellets, you'll get up to 8 to 10 hours of fine blue smoke.    Todd not only invented the tray, he's very active on the forum with some great ideas in smoking.   Ok!  Confession time,  I didn't purchase the 5x8 Pellet Smoker, I was a skeptic.   I tried several different ideas that I found on the internet and my results were not that good.  Let's just say that I spent enough on cheese to buy several of these and my dog gained a few pounds.   When I did my last batch of cheese, I was lucky enough to have a friend who owned one of these and he let me use his. It works so well that I'm thinking that Santa will bring me one for Christmas..  If you are serious about cold smoking cheese, nuts, fish, or even own a BBQ Grill and want to smoke food,  I would suggest you look in to the A-MAZE-N-SMOKER   (made in the USA)   The AMNPS is stainless steel so it can be used in your BBQ Grill for hot smoking, it's easy to clean and will last a lifetime.    If you have one of those LP type smokers and can't control the heat and still get the smoke you want, this is the way to go.     Don't own a smoker yet?   You can smoke some fantastic tasting cheese in your BBQ grill with one of these.  It's easy because the  A-MAZE-N-SMOKER does it all.  Load up your sawdust or pellets, Light one end of the product  through the hole, Once is starts to burn good - set the try in the bottom of the grill, open the lower vents, load up your cheese and close the lid and in 2 1/2 hours your done.     Remember to let the cheese rest for a few weeks in the refrigerator after smoking.    We use a  Food Saver and vacuum seal our cheese for at least two weeks.  The best part; the cheese is vacuum seals so it can be stored for months and the longer it's stored the better it taste.   Want more information on the AMAZE-N-SMOKER PRODUCTS?  Contact Todd at......   http://www.amazenproducts.com/  or click on the little picture on the left. I also found this on You Tube...  Amaze-N-Smoker in action  or  It really works..   Yep!   She was Right..  It Really works..       
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